Adult Programs

The Nantucket Community School offers a wide range of classes for Nantucket adults – focused on both professional development and personal enrichment. Adult education programs encompass a wide range of initiatives that aim to support individuals in their ongoing professional development and personal enrichment. These programs cater to adults who seek to enhance their skills, knowledge, and expertise beyond their formal education. They often provide opportunities for individuals to acquire new competencies, explore diverse interests, and stay relevant in an ever-evolving world.

We invite you to join us in classes that will enrich your life, will improve your skills, and help you reach your professional goals. By equipping adults with valuable skills, knowledge, and personal enrichment opportunities, these programs contribute to your professional success, personal fulfillment, and lifelong learning journey.

Adult Education

Online Instruction, GED, ESOL, and Workforce Development


Join us for Tap Dancing and Line Dancing!

Driver’s Education

Sign up for adult driving hours

Group of women sitting on a rug with babies.

Early Childhood

Playgroups, parent education classes, and family fun events


Aquacise, Adult Learn to Swim, Family Swim, and more

Diverse group of people playing tennis.

Sports and Wellness

Yoga, CPR certification, Tennis, Qi Gong, and more